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Citizenship Amendment Bill

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2017 released last week.
Citizenship Amendment Bill 2017 released last week.

21 June 2017

Oz Kiwi reviewed the Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill 2017 upon its release last week, in anticipation of our meetings in Canberra on Monday.

New Zealanders are exempt from the English Language Test.

New Zealanders who acquire a permanent visa through the New Zealand stream 189 visa will only need to hold PR for one year. In other words, they will not be subject to the four year General Residence requirement as intended for every other permanent visa holder. We know it's unfair for those who acquired PR via RRV/partner visa etc, which is why we are lobbying.

Oz Kiwi notes there are many things wrong with the Bill, but below are the issues that will most likely affect New Zealanders:

The Bill will get through the Lower House, but it will not pass the Senate in its current form because the opposition and cross bench do not support it. So, the likely scenarios are:

We also lobbied for removal of; the ability for the Minister to set aside AAT decisions, limits on merits review to the AAT and the requirement for criminal history checks for children 11 years and over, currently it is 16 years and over.

In terms of our efforts, there was nothing left in the tank, but we will continue our efforts when given the opportunity to make a Senate Select Committee submission.