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Migration agents

Find a migration agent, or make a complaint.
Find a migration agent, or make a complaint.

You can choose to use a registered Migration Agent to help with your visa application, particularly if you require a medical waiver.

Fees do vary, and some migration agents charge for an initial consultation. They must advise how much you have to pay for the initial consultation before your appointment.

To ensure you are charged fairly, it is recommended that you talk to three different agents about their services and fees, before choosing one and signing a written contract with them.

Finding a migration agent

Oz Kiwi cannot recommend a migration agent. Search the Register of Migration Agents to find an agent in your area.

Make a complaint

Some migration agents are unaware of New Zealanders eligibility for a Resident Return Visa or Protected SCVs right to citizenship. They may suggest clients apply for a Permanent Visa instead. The best way to correct this situation is to make a formal complaint. You should at least inform the migration agent once you are granted RRV or citizenship so they do not misinform other New Zealand clients.

To make a complaint about your registered migration agent, you will need to complete the MARA online complaints form. The majority of complaints are finalised within six to 12 months.

Have a question?

Contact the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).


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