Information for New Zealanders living in Australia

Oz Kiwi hiatus

20 June 2019
Parliament House in Canberra, photo: AAP.
Parliament House in Canberra, photo: AAP.


June 2022

The Oz Kiwi team went on hiatus after the LNP government were re-elected in 2019. We knew there would be no significant changes for New Zealanders living in Australia unless there was a change of government.

We were vindicated when in July 2022, within months of being elected to government, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced a review of New Zealanders rights. The review lead to a direct pathway to Australian citizenship from 1 July 2023.

Oz Kiwi hiatus

20 June 2019

Oz Kiwi is going on a hiatus. Our very small team of volunteers is burnt out after six years of advocating for New Zealanders rights in Australia.

We are scaling things back for the rest of the year. Supporters will notice less activity on our Facebook page and website.

Oz Kiwi will continue to work behind the scenes with MPs and Senators from across the political spectrum and will respond to any relevant new legislation or inquires.

Before asking us a question please check our FAQs page. In particular, you can find information about the:

Home Affairs

You can also look up visas and citizenship information on the Department of Home Affairs website.

New Zealand High Commission

The New Zealand High Commission (NZHC) does a lot of work on behalf of Kiwis living in Australia, they can advise and assist many issues. See their website for details.

If a family member is facing deportation you can contact the NZHC. If they have had their visa cancelled and would like to appeal complete the Request for Assistance form on our deportation information page.