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Sponsoring your partner

04 July 2022
(Photo: Department of Home Affairs website)
(Photo: Department of Home Affairs website)

New direct pathway to citizenship

22 April 2023

Non-protected Special Category Visa-holders who have resided in Australia for four years can apply directly for citizenship from the 1 July 2023 without needing to apply for a permanent visa.

The following information is intended for Australian and New Zealand citizens applying to sponsor their partner for a permanent visa.

Before applying

Before sponsoring your partner you should read the partner visa information on the Home Affairs website to help with the application.

Sponsoring your partner

You can sponsor your spouse, de facto or same-sex partner for a permanent visa if you are either an:

Applicants must have a valid passport when applying for any visa, or citizenship. If you renew your passport or change your address while the visa is being processed, notify Home Affairs.

Partner Migration visas are usually processed in two stages:

Regardless of whether you are married or in a de facto relationship you will be required to provide evidence of your relationship, such as:

You will need to include certified copies of your supporting documents, such as birth certificates and passport photo pages, with your application. Do not send original documents.

Including your children

Children must be aged under 23 to be included on a Partner Migration Visa application. Children aged 18 to 23 must be in full time study, or unable to work due to a disability, and financially dependent upon the sponsoring parent. There can also be no more than six months between leaving school and commencing full time study.

Find out more about including dependent children in your application.


The Partner Migration Visa fee at 1 July 2024 is $9,095. Note: you pay for the temporary and the permanent visa at the same time.

Dependent children included on a Partner Migration Visa application are $4,550 each for child aged 18 and over, and $2,280 each for child under 18.

Arranging a health examination

Health examination results are valid for 12 months, Home Affairs will contact you to request a health examination.

Use the eMedical system to process your health examination online. The current migration medical services provider is Bupa Medical Visa Service.

Requesting your criminal conviction history

You will need to request your criminal record if you or your partner were aged over 18 when you came to Australia.

Tick the box for a full Criminal Record. On the form it says you should not give the form to a third party but it is ok to give Home Affairs a certified copy. Requesting your records is free and it remains valid for six months. It should take 1-3 months to be processed and sent to you.

Apply online

Applications should be made online using your ImmiAccount. Paper applications attract an additional $80 non-internet application fee. You should be in Australia when you apply for this visa.

Supporting documents

Sponsors and applicants are required to submit identity documents, proof of their relationship, character assessments and police certificates. Refer to Step 2 Gather your documents for details.

Processing time

The Department of Home Affairs reports processing times for Temporary Partner visa (820) and Permanent Partner visa (801) applications on its website. Ensure you provide adequate supporting documents and proof of your relationship.


For more information refer to Partner Visa and including dependent children on the Department of Home Affairs website.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa (461), a temporary visa valid for five years.

Technical help

If you cannot resolve an issue with your application, refer to Common issues and error messages and ImmiAccount Technical Support on the Home Affairs website.

Have a question?

Click the Ask a Question box at the bottom of the Home Affairs website to use the digital assistant. It may not work with Mozilla Firefox in private browsing mode.

Alternatively, phone the Department of Home Affairs on 13 18 81.


The above “Sponsoring your Partner” information should not be relied on as an alternative to advice from the Department of Home Affairs, or a professional immigration services provider.

If you have any specific questions about an immigration matter, you should consult the Department of Home Affairs or a professional immigration services provider.