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Follow Oz Kiwi - changes coming for New Zealanders living in Australia.
Follow Oz Kiwi - changes coming for New Zealanders living in Australia.

22 April 2023

Non-protected Special Category Visa-holders who have resided in Australia for at least the past four years can apply directly for citizenship from the 1 July 2023 without needing to apply for a permanent visa.

22 February 2023

Special Category Visa

New Zealanders entering Australia are granted a Special Category Visa (SCV). The SCV enables them to reside in Australia indefinitely, but Kiwis arriving after 2001 need to apply for Permanent Residency to become an Australian citizen.

You might already have a pathway to citizenship.

Review of New Zealanders rights

The Australian government is assessing how to give New Zealanders living in Australia an easier pathway to citizenship. The outcome of the review will be known by ANZAC Day 2023.

The Australian Labor Party have supported a fair pathway to citizenship for all New Zealanders residing in Australia since 2015.

Permanent visa for New Zealanders

The New Zealand Stream 189 visa is a permanent visa for non-protected Special Category Visa-holders, their partner, and dependent children aged under 23. However, the visa is currently closed to new applications until 1 July 2023, pending the outcome of the review. Note: the NZ Stream 189 visa was closed permanently from 1 July 2023.

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Have you applied for the New Zealand Stream 189 visa?

You can apply for citizenship immediately if you are granted the New Zealand stream 189 visa between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2023. The 12 month wait as a Permanent Resident has been waived for New Zealand citizens. Unfortunately, non-New Zealand citizens, ie former 461 visa-holders, must reside as PR for 12 months. This is unlikely to change.

Use the Home Affairs residency calculator to ensure you meet the other residency requirements for citizenship.

Was your child born between 1 Jan 2022 and 30 Jun 2023?

Children born in Australia between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2023, prior to the grant of their parent's New Zealand stream 189 visa, can apply for citizenship.

Children born to Australian permanent residents and citizens are Australian citizens from birth.

Other pathways to citizenship

There are some significant dates enabling New Zealanders to apply for citizenship or Permanent Residency.

Lived in Australia since before 27 Feb 2001?

You can apply for citizenship if you are a Protected Special Category Visa-holder.

Visited or lived in Australia before 01 September 1994?

You can apply for a Resident Return Visa if you are living in Australia. Note: you cannot include your partner or dependent children. Consider waiting for the ANZAC Day announcement.

Other options for citizenship

Find out about New Zealanders options for Australian citizenship.