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Preparing your RRV written statements

18 November 2018
Photo: Department of Home Affairs website
Photo: Department of Home Affairs website

Direct citizenship pathway

From 1 July 2023 New Zealanders residing in Australia as non-protected Special Category Visa-holders are eligible for a direct citizenship pathway without needing to apply for a permanent visa.

New Zealand citizens who entered Australia before 1 September 1994 are considered a former permanent resident. They can reinstate that former PR by applying for a Resident Return Visa.

Please note

Ties to Australia

Provide evidence of your personal, employment, cultural or business ties to Australia now that you live here.

You may also choose to provide a character reference from your employer or an Australian citizen known to you personally. Listed below are some examples of substantial ties to Australia, and the details and certified documents required:

State the date you moved to Australia. Provide your travel records and a certified copy of your passport photo page. Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Australian employment history or business ownership. Provide your employer/company name, your role, dates worked or business owned. Provide certified work contracts/letters of offer, and tax documents if self-employed.

Owning/leasing a home. Provide your home address, a certified rates bill or lease agreement.

Your partner, children or extended family in Australia. Provide the full names, passport numbers, residency status of family members and your children's birth dates/place of birth. Provide certified copies of passports, children's birth certificates, and a letter/report from their school.

Sporting, cultural and community involvement, for example helping at your child's school, volunteer work etc. Name the organisation(s) and your details of your involvement and provide proof of involvement or a character reference.

Absence from Australia

Provide reasons for any continuous absence of five or more years since the date of your last permanent visa, ie since you were last in Australia prior to 1 September 1994. Most people have events in their lives that mean they cannot easily return. It doesn't have to be the reason you left Australia, or cover the entire period of absence. Returning on holiday restarts your period of absence.

You were a child when you visited/lived in Australia. State you had to return to New Zealand with your parents and complete your schooling, name the school(s) and years attended.

You undertook studying or training. Provide details of your qualifications, the tertiary institution/organisation, and year(s) you studied/trained. Provide certified copies of any qualifications or certificates.

You were gaining work experience of benefit to Australia or operating a business. Provide your employer(s) name, your role, dates worked. If self-employed/business owner provide name/details of business owned and tax documents.

You needed to support a family member due to an accident, illness or bereavement, or required the help of family whilst studying, raising children or due to a relationship breakdown. Provide relevant names, dates, and details of the situation. If applicable, provide certified supporting documents, for example a doctor's certificate, birth or death certificates.

Important Note

A child attending school in New Zealand is not a valid reason for being absent as they could go to school in Australia. However, if would be acceptable if they were studying at university in New Zealand because they can't access a HELP loan in Australia.


Overview of New Zealanders in Australia

Eligibility for a Resident Return Visa

Completing your RRV application

Refer to Resident Return Visa information on the Department of Immigration's website

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If you cannot resolve an issue with your application, refer to Common issues and error messages and ImmiAccount Technical Support on the Home Affairs website.

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